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Jimco Construction is commitment to safety is proven by a performance record that is one of the best in the industry. This has been accomplished by making safety not only a program, but a core value. Safety is incorporated into every facet of our company. Much time and effort goes toward insuring that our employees have a safe working environment, proper OSHA and FRA training and the best equipment for their protection.

The key to our program are the Supervisors; they have all completed the OSHA 10 hour course for construction, are trained in first aid and CPR, and are well versed on FRA and OSHA standards. In fact, in some cases they have enlightened our customers as to what standards and regulations must be followed. They are the backbone of our program and are people that incorporate safety into their jobs day in and day out. Without their support and commitment we would not have the success that we enjoy today.

If needed, Jimco Construction staffs full-time safety personnel on the job site throughout the project. In addition, our safety staff and management conduct weekly toolbox safety meetings, as well as frequently scheduled training seminars on safety applications relevant to the projects currently underway. Our dedicated team of safety personnel constantly inspects all of the job sites and equipment to insure the safest environment for our employees and your jobs.

Jimco Construction's one goal is to deliver quality work on schedule in the safest way possible, but nothing is too important to place an employee in harms way to make a deadline.
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